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Our knowledge, expertise, and capabilities of delivering Polished Concrete in Australia is absolutely unmatched. We offer a range of Mechanically Polished Concrete, Surface Polished Concrete, and Grind & Seals, in an array of different finishes. Talk to our team about the best fit-for-purpose polished concrete flooring solution for your project.

Our Offerings

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Surface Polished Concrete

Grind and Seal


ProGrind delivers high-performance concrete flooring with low environmental impact, achieving the full five points on the Green Star™ rating.

Environmental benefits include harnessing the thermal mass properties of the existing concrete, reduced lighting costs due to reflective surfaces, no petrochemicals, and low VOC emissions. Our once-off lifecycle application, combined with low initial production materials and waste, keeps landfill contributions to an absolute minimum.

ProGrind’s Mechanically Polished Concrete is non-dusting, has low to no initial odour and is low allergen as we use chemically inserted materials.

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