Still Shining Year Later

May 6, 2013

It seems when it comes to mechanically polished concrete, the dollar saving proof really is in the polish. Pro Grind spends a lot of time advocating the advantages, savings, environmental benefits and longevity of our polished concrete system. However seeing is believing and nothing speaks louder than real case studies. The below projects demonstrate just how far a dollar can be driven with Pro Grind’s MPC and how sensational floors can look with zero to minimal maintenance costs even years after installation.

Compare the lifecycle savings you can make by using our Lifecycle Calculator for your projects:

Ensure that your chosen contractor has a proven and tested track record. Mechanically polished concrete is not an “out of the box” solution with great variances of performance directly impacting the outcome, longevity and lifecycle cost of your flooring depending on the contractor’s ability and experience.

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