Polished Concrete Green Win for Retail

March 5, 2012

Pro Grind Australia has recently completed the installation of new mechanically polished concrete floors into three existing large retail stores, generating what is claimed to be ‘an estimated 40 percent reduction in maintenance costs over 10 years for those stores and a new, clean, and high spec look’.

As well as possessing green credentials, Pro Grind Australia’s process enables continuous store trading throughout the instalment. According to the marketer, Pro Grind mechanically polished concrete is instantly trafficable, ensuring the works were completed at night with stock replaced immediately, in order to facilitate store trading the next morning.

Each of the new stores is about 2,500 sq m, making this the largest individual refurbishment store project the Pro Grind team has undertaken.

The retailer was said to be unhappy with the existing floors; a flooring surface with high monthly maintenance costs and high life cycle costing. The existing flooring system heavily impacted on the aesthetic and cleanliness of the store, with staff and customer feedback uncovering that the old flooring solution was having a negative impact on the ‘look and feel’ of the store.

‘Ease of floor maintenance and cleanliness of the new flooring system have been major points of feedback in relation to the new minimal exposure, high gloss MPC finish,’ noted Pro Grind. The retail client also cited a lift in staff morale in those stores with employees saying that the new floor has made the stores a ‘much nicer environment to work in’

The Pro Grind MPC floor scores a full five points on the Green Star rating and harnesses the thermal mass properties of the concrete reducing heating costs in winter, and air conditioning costs in summer, as well as enhancing the existing store lighting due to the reflective surfaces of the new flooring solution.