December 10, 2012

Q: Is MPC safe enough for Supermarket floors?

A:Most definitely. MPC must comply with all relevant standards for flooring safety. Thousands of square metres have been installed around the world.  For examples of successful supermarket applications go to: Supermarket

Q:What is the slip rating of the floor?

A:MPC sits above R9 in a dry slip-rating test. It is complaint with the Australian Standards for retail areas including supermarket trading floors. It can also be used in fresh food produce areas in conjunction with mats.

Q:What are the maintenance requirements?

A:MPC is extremely low maintenance. An auto scrubber or mop clean is all that is required. Pro Grind recommends a periodic re-polish for high traffic retail outlets if required. This is a low cost, no trading interruption process that will continue to maintain the shine on the floor.

Q:Will it create a cold feeling for our customers?

A:No. MPC creates a feeling of depth and warmth in stores. If a gloss finish is chosen, light and reflectivity are significantly enhanced when compared to vinyl which may appear “flat” and “unresponsive” in a retail space.  Aggregate exposure also creates an element of exclusivity and uniqueness  as well as a warmth not offered by other flooring products. A rustic through to contemporary feel is easily achieved to suit the requirement of the retail space. Beacon Lighting

Q:How often will I need to strip and reseal the floor?

A:Pro Grind’s Mechanically Polished Concrete is not a coating or covering. It does not require stripping and resealing and provides a surface with unparalleled longevity and abraision resistance that can withstand event he toughest traffic.  Alternative floor coverings and coatings such as vinyl flooring, think film coatings, timber and carpets, all have limited life cycles and high maintenance requirements.  See more: Retail/Commercial

Q:Does the floor stain easily?

A: MPC does not stain easily and has high stain resistance properties. Pro Grind Australia is the chosen supplier for Dan Murphy’s selected as a result of thorough stain testing with red wine a most acidic product known to stain many types of floor products. In the event of staining ProGrind has employed proven methods to repair and blend stained areas with surrounding floor. We recommend however, that any substance is cleaned from the floor as soon as possible to reduce any likelihood of damage to the floor.

Q:When in the construction program do you do your work?

A:In a typical construction cycle Pro Grind commences work once the overhead work is completed. Unlike many other floor coverings Pro Grind is able to complete works in conjunction with other trades working in the same space. Alternatively Pro Grind often completes the flooring process before any other trade at the beginning of the project. If the floor is protected, no further rework is required and on completion of other trades the store can be opened. This is the opposite of vinyl where it would need to be stripped and re-polished after construction is complete. The Pro Grind process can be known to save significant time and allow the project to open ahead of normally anticipated time schedules.

Q:Will my staff get sore feet from standing on Polished Concrete floors all day?

A:Polished concrete offers staff the same floor comfort as other resilient flooring commonly installed. Often where resilient flooring is installed anti fatigue matting is used where staff are required to stand for long periods.