Exceptional Product

“Pro Grind polished concrete flooring is extremely durable and low maintenance. It is a superior finish to anything else of its type on the market – the best decision we have made in regards to flooring finishes was to go with Pro Grind as our preferred flooring contractor.”


Branko Jaksic, National Fitout Project Manager, JB HI-FI

Brilliantly executed polished concrete flooring provides a design and performance edge to any space. Clean and sophisticated, mechanically polished concrete (MPC) provides a versatile flooring solution that is complimentary to multiple interior styles, and provides the ultimate in performance. Environmental benefits include harnessing the thermal mass properties of the existing concrete, reduced lighting costs due to reflective surfaces, no petrochemicals, and low VOC emissions.

Pro Grind MPC is the most durable, hard wearing, stain resistant, low allergen and sustainable polished concrete flooring option available.

Moving away from short term, high maintenance solutions such as epoxy flooring, timber flooring, laminated flooring and thin film coatings, Pro Grind mechanically polished concrete is the high performing, low maintenance and long term flooring alternative. The value in Pro Grind’s lifecycle costing also sets us apart from other flooring options.